Rockstar Games’ action-adventure title “Grand Theft Auto 5” will reach the PC next week after being delayed earlier this year, and one of the most anticipated features of the 2013 game is the new "Director’s Mode," which has improved drastically since 2008’s “Grand Theft Auto 4” for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

"The Rockstar Video editor in ‘GTA V’ features a number of significant improvements," John Macpherson, lead designer at Rockstar Toronto, told PC Gamer on Friday. Players now have the option to start and stop video captures in the "Director Mode," which will give users the ability to play and record any actor from the game in stories or heists. You can even control members of the population and animals.

Macpherson added that the mode will allow users to alter the weather, time of day, and even enable cheats to manipulate the scene. Players will also be able to add and edit radio tracks in a video.

“GTA 5” players will also have the ability to change depth of field effects and camera edits. Videos can be shared on YouTube and entered into Rockstar’s Social Club contests.

The PC version of Rockstar’s title has been delayed twice. The game will reach players on April 14 at retail stores or as a digital download, but it was originally slated for release on Jan. 27. The game will require 65 GB of hard drive space.