Rockstar Games, developer of the "Grand Theft Auto" series, has released a "Grand Theft Auto 5" guide to Los Santos and Blaine County.

The guide details several "Grand Theft Auto 5" features, including available aircraft and vehicles.,  "GTA 5" guide's air travel page, indicates that players can purchase "luxury aircraft," including Luxor and Shamal as well as high-end helicopters, propeller-powered planes and sleek black jets.

Available cars include SUVs and sports cars, which will be customizable at LS Customs. Want to go hunting? The Blaine County countryside will let you do just that with a rifle. You can reach the hunting grounds by plane and parachute.

What's "GTA 5" without interaction with deadly gangs? Rockstar also indicates that Los Santos is teeming with "all kinds of characters who coordinate clothing colors" and engage in activities such as "territory clashes and pharmaceutical commerce."

Seeking "religious enlightenment?" The guide indicates that you could talk to the fine folks at the Epsilon Program.

Check out some of the newest "Grand Theft Auto 5" screenshots below.


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