Fans of “GTA Online” are looking forward to the High Life update, which will bring a number of new features and improvements – from the ability to own new luxury apartments to the introduction of extravagant vehicles and high-end wardrobes.

Though no release date has been set for the 1.13 update, speculation has been made that fans will see the improvements as early as next week.

“Ever since the launch of ‘GTA Online,’ we've been continuously monitoring how the community is playing the game as well as all player feedback sent to us,” Rockstar told fans on the official Rockstar Wire earlier this month. The NYC-based developer said feedback was used to “see what you’re liking, disliking, and what should be addressed in upcoming ‘GTA Online’ Title Updates.”

Rockstar has told fans what they can expect High Life update, but players are already telling the “GTA Online” creator what they want to see in the title's next update.

On the Rockstar support forum, user enioenio stated there should be a “DLC for custom land vehicles with neon lights underneath,” along with “more sports and street clothes.” As far as character appearances, a number of players hoped more tattoo options would become available.

User mooksck felt more the title needs “more hairstyles, the ones they have are so plain.” He also would like the ability to “get a dog like Franklin has.”

Another user hopes for more customizations and decals for vehicles.

User Fred would like to be able to operate a fishing fleet and own and operate a fishing company “so I can sell nice homes to all the homeless people of San Andreas.” Nice.

DaricanShotta30 hopes for the ability to “change facial and body features.” Other users agreed, also hoping for a “variety of tinted windows and colored license plates.”

Though Rockstar has promised the ability to own more than one property in Los Santos, some users want to own apartments outside of the metropolis, such as in Paleto Bay, Mirror Park and Cypress Flats.

A popular suggestion discusses the power to play police officers.” We can't we play as a cop offline or online, or play like a fireman or medic,” user Grazy22 said. “If you don't do missions online in ‘GTA 5’ it is boring.”

What features do you want to see in Rockstar’s next update? Leave a comment below!