California-based GTX Corporation develops miniaturized GPS tracking and location-transmitting technology solutions for integration into branded licensee consumer products. Since 2002, the company has continued its efforts to advance 2-way GPS technology as it defines the personal location services (PLS) space.

GTX’s personal location services platform consists of a matchbook-sized, location-reporting module that utilizes the company’s “always-on” Assisted-GPS tracking capabilities. The company’s gpVector system uses cellular transmission provided by the company’s wireless carrier partner – AT&T - to deliver real-time geographic coordinates, rendered on Google maps, to subscribers via secure internet connections.

The company’s first commercial application is in footwear and has been awarded a patent entitled “Footwear with embedded tracking device and method of manufacture”. GTX believes that footwear is the best consumer product to house its miniaturized GPS module in order to monitor children and seniors. The company is pursuing licensing opportunities with various footwear brands for its embedded 2-Way GPS/PLS platform and has already signed a five-year multi-million dollar agreement with MyATHLETE LLC.

In order to capture market share for those not included in the children or senior segments, GTX plans to release a consumer product called LOCrime. LOCrime is a mobile tracking application that turns the latest iPhone into a tracking device capable of using the company’s existing platform. LOCrime version 1.2 will be distributed through the Apple App Store.

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