GTX Corp develops miniaturized GPS tracking and location-transmitting technology solutions for integration into branded licensee consumer products. The company is continuing its efforts to advance its 2-Way GPS technology as it defines the Personal Location Services (PLS) space.

The company’s personal location services platform consists of a matchbook-sized, location-reporting module that utilizes GTX Corp’s “always-on” assisted-GPS tracking capabilities. The company’s gpVector system uses cellular transmission provided by GTX partner, AT&T, to deliver real-time geographic coordinates, rendered on Google maps, to subscribers via secure internet connections.

One of GTX’s products – the gpVector miniMT2 – is a palm-sized 2-way GPS device that offers real-time tracking solutions. It is ideal for monitoring people, vehicles and valuables, providing security and recovery services to subscribing clients with both GPRS/SMS.

The company’s gpVector miniMT platform is a fully certified quad-band integrated platform that provides complete GSM/GPRS functionality for mobile tracking applications. Its integrated GPS/A-GPS capabilities include tracking of up to 14 satellites and location reporting through SMS and GPRS.

Among the many gpVector miniMT2 features are a motion sensor which puts the device to sleep after one minute of no movement, tremendously enhancing battery life and power optimization. There are also geo-fence settings available and the device also comes with a panic button, providing subscribers with a precise notification location on Google or Microsoft maps that can be monitored on laptops, cell phones and PDAs.

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