Since it became fully operational in 1993, use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) continues to flourish. The GPS is a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that was originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense and is managed by the U.S. Air Force. The GPS is the only fully functional GNSS that can be used freely and companies like GTX Corp (GTXO.OB) are focused on utilizing the technology to better the lives of everyday citizens.

By now most everyday citizens have used GPS technology at one point or another to help them get to a destination. Other people, such as truck and taxi drivers, couriers, and repair personnel use GPS technology to get to different locations on a daily basis. GTX has put a spin on how to currently use the technology by allowing a 2-way GPS signal to filter through its devices.

The gpVector™ miniMT2 is a palm-sized device that provides real-time tracking ability that works on a quad-band platform that provides complete mobile tracking on up to 14 satellites for worldwide coverage. The miniMT2 has a motion sensor that puts the device into sleep-mode when the unit senses no movement after one minute, which extends battery life and power optimization. The device is also built with a panic button in the event that the user requires immediate assistance. The user’s precise location can be tracked on Google or Microsoft maps and forwarded to laptops, cell phones and PDAs.

The miniMT2 is only the first product of many that GTX is developing. As GTX continues to expand its product line, companies are turning to GTX to better manage their assets. The GTX devices also provide a level of safety to those on the roads and on the oceans. Consider the recent tragedy when a boat capsized in the rough waters of Florida. If the boat had a GTX device onboard, the crew could have pressed the panic button. The boat’s location could have easily been pinpointed and communicated to the Coast Guard rather than searching in the vastness of the ocean. Commercial fishing vessels, charter boats, and cruise ships can increase the survival of its crew and passengers by incorporating the GTX devices onto its vessels or even on its life-vests.

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