Since the company was founded in 2002, GTX Corp has been committed to creating personal location solutions to keep all types of people safer. With our society becoming much more mobile than it was 25 years ago, GTX has dedicated its efforts to developing miniaturized GPS tracking devices into a variety of consumer products.

One of the first products that GTX has developed is the Xplorer, an athletic shoe that incorporates a small GPX tracking device into the sole of the shoe along with a number of other patent-pending ideas. As with any other electronic device, the Xplorer needs a power source. To meet this need, GTX has created a proprietary battery that can run several days before a recharge is necessary.

According to Patrick Bertagna, President and CEO of GTX, “The Xplorer smart GPS tracking shoe is the first of wearable electronics that enhances lifestyle and peace of mind. This disruptive technology is projected to transform the way people think about buying clothing and footwear. Traditional buying criteria such as fashion, comfort and pricing will converge with lifestyle improvements to ultimately influence brand awareness and consumer buying decisions.”

A key feature that sets the Xplorer apart from other GPS capable devices is the incorporation of GTX’s proprietary “set it and forget it” Dual GeoFencing™ technology. Caregivers of children and the elderly can designate a safe perimeter for the wearer. Once the wearer moves into an unsafe (red) zone, an alert can automatically be sent to a caregiver’s cell phone.

Some may wonder if the imbedded device may be bulky and/or hamper the overall aesthetic look of the athletic shoe. To address this concern, the company’s engineering team has incorporated a GPS receiver, cellular phone, motion detector, and battery charger into a small device so light that it only weighs about an ounce.

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