GTX Corp. (GTXO.OB), the growing California based developer of miniaturized two-way GPS tracking technology, looks poised for a big takeoff. Although nobody knows exactly where the economy is headed, GTX has a lock on the kind of product that’s an investor’s (and parent’s) dream.

The company is a pioneer in the two-way Personal Location Services (PLS) market, and an industry leader in the $8 billion location-based GPS market. Much of its potential is in its gpVectorTM units, which the company plans to embed in a variety of lifestyle products, allowing anyone with an Internet connection, including PDAs and cell phones, to track their children, an Alzheimer’s patient, pets, outdoor adventurers, military and emergency personnel, luggage, almost anyone or anything.

Because the company’s technology is designed to be embedded in shoes or other products, rather than sold as a loose device, it’s less likely to get lost or damaged, and a person doesn’t have to depend upon someone remembering to take it along. You can even set virtual boundaries that notify you immediately if they’re crossed.

If GTX represents a potential lifesaver to families and anyone needing to keep track of people, equipment, or pets, then it represents gold to investors. Think of the market. According to the National Crime Information Center, some 2,000 children go missing every day, and some never come back. In fact, it was the horrifying abduction of 14-year old Elizabeth Smart, snatched in 2002, that prompted an outraged software developer named Patrick Bertagna to begin work on a miniature tracking device small enough to be concealed in a shoe or clothing. There are also 5 million Alzheimer’s patients in the U.S. alone, with the number expected to grow significantly.

The Personal Location Services market is projected to reach more than $20 million by 2011 in North America, and $300 million worldwide. As a result, major corporations are starting to talk to GTX about embedding the technology in their products, giving them a major competitive edge. GTX has already signed a five year $25 million dollar licensing agreement with My Athlete LLC, with more deals lined up. The company has also received unsolicited requests from 19 countries for distribution agreements, with new inquiries coming in consistently.

With a stock currently selling at bargain prices, and looking at tens of millions of dollars in new deals, it’s not hard to imagine GTX as the next 800% stock.

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