Over the last decade we have seen the explosion of the wireless market. When they were first introduced to the public, cellular phones were the size of a briefcase. Now, they are smaller than a deck of cards and can make calls, take photos, and access the internet. According to Wireless Intelligence, the GSM Association’s market intelligence unit, by 2011 there will be upwards of four billion mobile handsets worldwide. Findings indicate that an increasing number of units purchased globally will have GPS and positioning capability. GTX Corp (GTXO.OB) is in the midst of implementing an accelerated plan to capitalize on consumers’ continued interest in wireless technology.

GTX, a developer of customizable two-way Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Position Location Systems (PLS) applications, is now moving from development stage to production level. Since 2002, GTX has developed, patented, and integrated miniaturized cellular location-transmitting and GPS tracking technologies into a number of products. GTX plans to gain a share of the wireless marketplace by combining its broad intellectual property portfolio and product line with the latest location based solutions.

Alteon Capital Partners was recently retained by GTX to provide guidance during this period of growth. Dr. Gilbert Amelio, managing partner of Alteon, will take a lead role in advising GTX management on the deployment of the company’s products into the mobile market. The company first has plans to expand the presence of its Code Amber News Service (CANS). The CANS website currently reaches an audience of 1.8 billion people and is considered the leading Canadian and U.S. syndication of all state Amber Alerts.

GTX is also on the cusp of launching its latest product, LOCi Mobileâ„¢, and Dr. Amelio will actively provide guidance on its release. LOCi Mobileâ„¢ will offer consumers a suite of downloadable and customizable applications that will transform 150 models of GPS-enabled devices from one-way navigation GPS mobile units into two-way GPS/PLS transceivers.

“As GTX Corp approaches the tipping point of readiness in consumer adoption, I am enthusiastic about being a part of this next wave of consumer PLS applications. Allowing users to customize and personalize geo-location information opens up a tremendous marketplace,” Dr. Amelio recently stated. “This expanded capability should make 2-way GPS ubiquitous. GTX Corp’s ability to license a customizable platform will address the healthy and ramping demand for these applications. Now that the company has harnessed this unique technology, I welcome the opportunity to help steer GTX Corp during its passage from an early stage company to a corporation on the global stage.”

Dr. Amelio brings to GTX over 35 years of experience in the technology sector. Not only has he held a number of executive positions with high-tech firms, including Chairman and CEO of Apple Computers, Chairman and President of National Semiconductor Corporation, and Chairman and President of Jazz Technologies, he has the technical know-how to advise the GTX management team. He has been awarded 16 patents, is an IEEE Fellow, and earned his Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Amelio has also been a co-author on three books: An American Imperative (1993), Product from Experience (1995) and On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple (1998).

Patrick Bertagna, President and CEO of GTX, stated, “2-way GPS in concurrence with the proliferation of four billion cell phones represents a seismic shift in the marketplace. Subscribers want to receive and interact spontaneously to life’s circumstances.” Bertagna continued. “As GTX continues to architect its platform we look forward to working with Dr. Gil Amelio who has continuously transformed the technologically complex into widely adopted user friendly formats.”

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