GTX Corp (GTXO.OB) is a pioneer developing new methods of utilizing GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. Some Americans have a GPS device on the dashboard of their vehicles to instruct them on how to get from point A to point B. Others touch a button and get assistance from a live customer service representative.

Athletes often train in the early morning and late evening. Hours upon hours can be spent away from home. GTX has developed a 2-way Personal Location Services (PLS) device durable enough to fit in the sole of a running shoe. All levels of runners and joggers can have an extra layer of peace of mind as they log miles on the road or on the trails. If a runner does not make a rally time due to injury or being lost, a designated point person can easily find the athlete’s location through the imbedded 2-way PLS.

Not only can the device be used for safety needs, it can also be used to improve an athlete’s performance. Marathoners and tri-athletes can also use the device to track real-time performance times during races. To get the imbedded footwear out to the marketplace, GTX recently signed a five-year licensing agreement with My ATHLETE LLC that secures the competitive non-motorized athletic category of shoes.

The 2-way PLS device placed in running shoes shows the practical application of GTX’s first patent (US Patent Number 6788200). The company has thirteen additional patents pending approval. Five of the patents pending are at an advanced state and should be issued to GTX by the end of the year. The company will be submitting two additional patent applications in the near future. Rather than rely on one product, GTX is aggressively researching various areas to apply its 2-way GPS technology. With more than a dozen patents in process, GTX has positioned itself for unbridled growth.

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