GTX Corp. (GTXO.OB), a leader in the emerging location-based GPS and two-way Personal Location Service (PLS) systems market, has a very good reason to be bullish on its prospects. Analysts see nothing but good times ahead for the company’s targeted industry. In fact, “location-aware” applications were recently predicted by the Gartner Group to “hit mainstream adoption in the next two to five years”. Any time the term “mainstream adoption” is used unhesitatingly by respected analysts, even the most conservative investors begin to take notice.

GPS/PLS services are being called the next globally transparent technology, with overall location-aware services projected to be an $8 billion industry by 2011. As the basic GPS market exploded, established companies like Garmin (Nasdaq: GRMN), which provides in-car and other GPS navigation devices, have reaped the benefits, now reporting annual revenue in the billions.

But GTX Corp has taken the technology to another level, focusing on PLS systems which can be integrated into a limitless number of everyday consumer products, from shoes to luggage, giving anyone the ability to keep track of loved ones, pets, and high-value assets. Nearly one-third of GPS device owners claim security and social networking as reasons for owning a GPS system.

The masterstroke of GTX is that, rather than getting caught up in the very risky business of developing and pushing their own consumer products, they take existing consumer products and make them trackable. It’s a brilliant approach that allows the company to focus on advancing their technological strength, while leaving others to fight it out in the retail marketplace. As a result, GTX has positioned itself for a great ride which may become one of the biggest waves in modern industrial history.

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