Guardian Technologies International Inc. today announced its partnership with Prior Scientific ( and Olympus Soft Imaging ( to create and ensure rapid integration of Guardian’s Signature Mapping (SM TBDx) diagnostic software into a “first-of-its-kind, fully automated sputum microscopy solution for the computer-aided-detection of tuberculosis.”

Guardian Technologies’ imaging solutions and analytics create integrated information management products and services for disease detection and airport security. The technologies were designed for the end point of rapid decision-making and enhanced organizational productivity and accuracy.

A collaborative agreement between Guardian, The Aurum : Institute for Health Research (Aurum), and the South African National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) established the challenges and solutions to diagnostic issues in South Africa, as well as a plan of action to deploy SM TBDx focused on retrofitting existing microscopes with digital cameras.

According to the press release, SM TBDx’s accuracy rates not only surpassed the NHLS program objectives, but exceeded industry norms as well, spurring a request by NHLS to expand diagnostic application to South Africa and other countries with high numbers of tuberculosis cases.

“For decades, the world has needed a more accurate, low cost, fast TB diagnostic solution — particularly one that can accurately diagnose early stage TB and TB in HIV-positive patients — in centralized laboratories and at the point of care. Guardian’s Signature Mapping TBDx is the answer,” Rich Borrelli, vice president of Business Development for Guardian’s Health Division state in the press release. “The product offerings of the SM TBDx fully automated and manual retrofit systems position Guardian to address the full range of diagnostic environments. Furthermore, SM TBDx’s advanced image analysis integrated with automation positions Guardian to immediately address the worldwide crisis in TB detection.”