Vin Diesel is groot. The 48-year-old action star will soon resume the role of the talking, fighting tree creature in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” but what kind of Groot will fans see?

In a Facebook Q & A, director James Gunn confirmed Vin Diesel would be back for "Guardians of the Galaxy 2." Diesel's only speaking lines in the first film were,“I am Groot” and “We are Groot.” 

According to Access Hollywood, Diesel recorded his lines in English, Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and French in the first movie. He also revealed this voice was also not altered or computerized during the filming process.

When "Guardians of the Galaxy" came to a close Groot had sacrificed himself to save Quill, Drax, Rocket and Gamora. A sapling from the remains of Groot was placed inside a pot, and a baby Groot, who was a fan of the Jackson 5, was growing inside of it. 

By the time "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" comes out, will Groot be back to being fully-grown Groot? In January, Gunn told ScreenRant that viewers shouldn't expect the same Groot. "Well, who says baby Groot is Groot and not Groot’s son?" the director said.

Gunn will also be back to write and direct the film. Back in June, in a Periscope question and answer session with fans, the "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" director revealed that he wants to scale down on the character count in the 2017 sequel. His said his hope is that he can better focus on really diving into the characters established in the first movie on an emotional level.

“There’s just too many characters so you can’t concentrate on one and really get to know that character, and I really want to get to know the characters that we know better, and yeah, we will be introducing a new character,” Gunn told ScreenRant in June.

Diesel has been very busy in 2015. The actor starred in “Furious 7” and also announced there would be a “Furious 8” which will come out April 14, 2017. He’ll also star in “The Last Witch Hunter,” which hits theaters Oct. 23.

He also revealed this week on Instagram that he will be also be reprising his role as Xander Cage by starring in “XXX3,” which will begin filming in December in the Philippines.  “XXX3” would the third installment in the film series. “XXX” came out in 2002 after Diesel first appeared in the original “The Fast and The Furious.” Ice Cube took over the lead role for 2005’s “XXX: State of the Union.”

"Guardians of the Galaxy 2" is expected to hit theaters May 5, 2017.