The first promo video of “Guardians of the Galaxy” animation series teases some of the scenes in the show. The trailer shows the popular heroes from the franchise, but the character Drax is missing in the video.

The 15-second video posted on IGN shows Peter Quill’s spaceship Milano in the very first scene. Groot appears to be saving his fellow team members, and there is a scene where Rocket Raccoon shoots his gun, when Quill asks for a battle cry.

Gamora can also be seen in the video in some of the action sequences in the TV show. However, one major character is missing in the video: Drax. The character known as Drax the Destroyer is a muscular warrior and member of the team put together by Peter Quill. Dave Bautista played the character in the 2014 box-office hit movie that was written and directed by James Gunn.

According to a report by ScreenCrush, the plot of the TV show revolves around a mysterious artifact that has been keyed to be opened by the DNA of Peter Quill. When Quill opens it, the artifact reveals a treasure map that shows the location of a powerful weapon called the “Cosmic Seed,” which has the power to create the “next universe.”

The main objective of the heroes in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” TV series is to “protect and ultimately destroy the Cosmic Seed.” The device could be misused in the wrong hands, and the heroes are tasked with preventing that from happening. Some of the familiar characters from the Marvel Universe that the heroes will encounter on the show are Thanos, The Collector, The Grandmaster, a resurrected Ronan and the trickster Loki.

Marvel had previously released test footage of the TV series, after making the announcement about the show at the New York Comic-Con in 2014. The video teased an action sequence from the show where Rocket was being chased by what appears to be an alien drone.

The first two episodes of “Guardians of the Galaxy” TV series are slated to air on Sept. 26 on Disney XD. The premiere episode of the show is set to be released on Sept. 5 as an “early sneak preview.”