Gucci Mane has celebrated his release from a Atlanta hospital for psychiatric evaluation with a tattoo of a snow cone with three scoops on the right side of his face with the words ‘burrr’ entwined around two lightening red bolts.

The ice cream cone tattoo was completed by Tenth Street artist Shane Willoughby, according to AllHipHop News.

Gucci, 30, was released from a psychiatric ward after pleading mental incompetency for violating his parole during an altercation in Atlanta in November, 2010. Gucci has a long list of run-ins with the law. While serving a six-month jail term for assault in late 2005, Davis was charged with murder, though the charges were later dropped due to a lack of evidence. In 2009, he served a year-long prison term for violating probation for his 2005 assault conviction.

This sure is a strange way to show the world the true state of your psyche.

The Hip-hop world has reacted by tweeting their responses.

Gucci Mane's facial tattoo of an ice cream cone causes my finger to inch closer to the delete button in Serato. He must've been #wasted, legendary BDP member D-Nice tweeted.

Talib Kweli has tweeted to fellow rapper Jean Grae, tattoo parlor for my new face tattoo. I'm gonna get my face tattooed on my face!

 So Gucci gotta ice cream tattoo on his face so f**k it, Ima get air jordans tattooed on my feet so when I'm bare foot I still got Js [Jordans] on, The Outlawz tweeted.

Gucci’s works include Back to the Trap House (2007), The State vs Radric Davis and The Appeal: Gerogia’s Most Wanted. A pretty telling nomenclature.

He has also done several mixed tapes. He appeared on remixes of the songs Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas and Obsessed by Mariah Carey. He has made a lot of guest appearances on various other artists’ songs.