Fashion & Style:The brand begun by Guccio Gucci has expanded into a fashionable luxury empire and the latest looks coming down the runway at the Men's Fall Winter 2010 Fashion Show merge style with function, with more than a touch of Gucci's leather heritage.

Like last year, the men's suits coming down the Gucci catwalk are still slim fitting, but not the same super skinny of last year. The suits have returned to a more classic fit with longer jackets, but are still slim with broad shoulders, a slim waist and slim-fitting, short-legged trousers. Jackets feature a mere two buttons, with the bottom button left unfastened, while pants are universally cuffed and ties stop above the low-rise waist.

In the way of color, rich neutrals ruled, accented by traditional fall hues like rust and goldenrod. 2010's shades of blue also made an appearance in several navy pieces. Warm leather jackets, overnight bags and well-made shoes accessorized both formal and informal wear.

For the weekend, Gucci offered skinny corduroy pants with color-coordinating sweaters and scarves. Cardigans and pullovers reminiscent of the 70's featured shades of brown-patterned shawl necklines. Bolder looks uses satins, as in a coordinating eggplant outfit showcasing a satin blazer and sheened pants ensemble worn over a cotton T-shirt in the same hue.

While subdued compared to some Gucci offerings, overall the show showcased what Gucci does best: fashion forward luxury wear.