A resume is simply a piece of advertising copy created to sell you to a potential employer. It's job is to get you an interview where you can then show a potential employer what you can offer them in a face to face interview.

This is a quick guide to writing a resume. For more information visit SamuraiResume Your resume is an important document. It needs to make an instant impression, there's no time for fluff, no room for padding, it has to be professional, focused and succinct. A resume is the document employers use to screen potential employees. Your objective is to get past the screening process and onto the next stage, which is the interview.

Your resume should give the impression that you are a professional person with the highest standards. Everything about your resume has to be right. A recruiter will spend just a few seconds looking at it before making a decision whether to pass you onto the interview stage or not. It must be error free. Obvious, I know, but people do submit sloppy resumes and expect employers to take them seriously.

Make sure it it well written using simple words. Avoid trying to impress with long words, they may make you sound pretentious. The right word in the right place is the way. Don't pad it out. Don't take three sentences to say what you can in one. Recruiters are experienced. They can spot padding a mile away and they don't like it.

Don't lie. If you get to the interview and your lie is revealed, which it probably will be, then you are finished. Your integrity is blown and nobody wants to employ a dishonest person. Don't make it boring. A resume is obviously about your past employment history but it's main job is to make you attractive to an employer. It's a sales letter. Learn some sales copy writing skills. Promote yourself in a subtle way.

You need to take time with your resume. Many people fill one out grudgingly, just going through the motions because it's what you have to do. This is the wrong mindset to have when filling out your resume. Make every word count. Be professional, enthusiastic without going over the top. Strive for a balanced professional tone throughout your resume. It's an important document. Spend some time getting it right.

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