The person who killed Molly Ryan (Rebekah Wainwright) has been revealed in the season finale of “Guilt.”

While the previous episodes made it look like it was Prince Theo (Sam Cassidy) who was behind the gruesome murder of Molly, there was actually another perpetrator responsible for her death. It turns out it was actually Luc (Zachary Fall) who put an end to Molly's life. But it wasn't just as simple as wanting to get rid of Molly. Luc was blackmailed by Roz (Simona Brown) into doing it.

Roz and Molly, as it turns out, were secret lovers. And Roz became upset after learning that Molly had fallen in love with Prince Theo. Perhaps thinking that it would be better for Molly to disappear rather than see her with someone else, Roz blackmailed Luc into killing her.

Grace (Daisy Head) was able to put the pieces together and confronted Roz in their shared flat. Grace was not able to contain herself, and by the end of the episode, there were already two murders committed in the house Roz, Grace and Molly lived in.

While Grace had nothing to do with Molly's death, she's now taken another person's life, and her sister Natalie (Emily Tremaine) caught her in the act. That opens up more storylines for the characters, but Freeform has yet to confirm whether "Guilt" will get a season 2 order.

There are also still many questions from the first season that need to be answered. Will Prince Theo survive the gunshot wound he got courtesy of Patrick's (Kevin Ryan) friend, despite his fiancee (Katie Clarkson-Hill) refusing to ask for help? Will Natalie try to hide Grace? Will the show have a different setting should it get another season? What will Patrick do when he finds out it was Roz who was responsible for his sister's death?

“Guilt” was created by Kathryn Price and Nicholle Millard.