“Guilt” is getting more public. Though Grace was able to stay away from the press for most of the premiere, Molly’s murder started to gain a lot more attention at the end of the episode. Grace will feel the pressure of being in the spotlight in episode 2, especially when someone tries to make her look even guiltier.

“When a video surfaces of Grace [Daisy Head] attacking Molly [Rebekah Wainwright], Stan goes on the offensive to stop the blackmailer,” the synopsis for the Freeform drama reveals. Someone really wants to make Grace look like the killer.

With so much press attention, it’s easy to understand why her lawyer Stan (Billy Zane) wants her to stay away from everything until he can take care of this. He’ll even tell Grace to avoid mourning Molly publicly.

“Stan warns her not to attend Molly’s memorial, but she sneaks out anyway — only to end up looking like a callous murderer in the unforgiving eyes of the British press,” the episode 2 synopsis reveals. The episode title, “#AmericanPsycho,” seems to hint at what the public is saying about Grace.

As previously reported, it’s the way the media and public help shape cases like this that inspired the writers. The press will play an even larger role in the next episode. “We have a character that we’ll meet in episode 2 who’s a young reporter,” co-creator Nichole Millard told TheWrap. “She’s very aggressive and she sees the Grace Atwood case as a way to make a name for herself. She’ll sort of be our entry into that world.”

The trailer for “Guilt” Season 1, episode 2, shows that everyone is going to look guilty. Natalie (Emily Tremaine) accuses James (Tony Head) of having a relationship with Molly, while Grace wonders if someone Molly worked with could have killed her. Meanwhile, Molly’s brother Patrick (Kevin Ryan) is ready to go after anyone who looks guilty. The synopsis warns of an “explosive confrontation” with him and one of the suspects. “When I get my hands on whoever killed her, I promise you, they’re going to suffer,” he says. Watch the trailer above.

“Guilt” Season 1, episode 2 airs Monday, June 20, at 9 p.m. EDT on Freeform.