The United States Coast Guard has suspended a search for missing millionaire, Guma Aguiar, after his boat mysteriously washed ashore in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday without anyone inside.

Aguiar, 33, who made his millions in the oil industry, has been missing since Tuesday night. His fishing boat, the His fishing T.T. Zion, was discovered unmanned around 1:15 a.m. on Fort Lauderdale Beach. The engines were still running and the lights were on, reported the Sun-Sentinel.

He's a very special person, he has a great heart and he helps people across the world, said Rabbi Moshe Meir Lipszyc, according told NBC 6 Wednesday. Lipszyc and Aguiar are reportedly close friends. He has a heart as big as this world; I cannot say enough good about him.

Lipszyc said he has known Aguiar, who was born in Brazil and has four children, four about 10 years. He told NBC that Aguiar loved the water and spends his off days on one of his three boats.

The United States Coast Guard said they sent a search party out to sea searching for Aguiar. A crew manning the Cutter Dolphin helicopter took to the air in order to assist the search.

Fourt Lauderdale detective Travis Mandell said that the police are working on land, analyzing any physical evidence left on the boat. They are also trying to determine if the onboard GPS can help in their search.

We're all out there, coordinating a search of the waterways, as well as the ocean, to try to locate if he's possibly in the water, said Mandell. We had officers scouring the beach on ATVs, searching if he may have come ashore there.

Anything's possible at this point, and investigators are pursuing all leads, so we're hoping that if anyone out there has seen Mr. Aguiar, to please contact their local law enforcement, he said according to the Daily Mail.

After finding the boat, authorities went to Aguiar's house to speak to his wife, Jamie. She said she arrived home the night before, believing her husband was in the home office, reported ABC.

One of the employees that works for the couple told Jamie that her husband left on his boat around 7:30 pm Tuesday.

No one has seen Guma since, Fort Lauderdale police wrote in a statement, according to ABC. Jamie told officers that she is concerned for her husband's safety.

However, after searching 1,523 square miles, the Coast Guard called off the search for Aguiar around 9 pm on Thursday.

His mother, Ellen filed a petition to control her son's $100 million fortune saying he disappeared as the result of mental derangement or other mental cause or disappeared under circumstances indicating that he may have died, either naturally, accidentally or at the hands of another, reported the Daily Mail.

The legal documents that were filed to control his assists lists a $50 million investment portfolio, $15 million in cash and $35 million in Israeli real estate, reported the Daily Mail.

'There is an imminent danger that the property of the absentee is in danger of being wasted, misappropriated or lost unless immediate action is taken because the absentee has disappeared ... and assets must be protected from waste and/or dissipation,' the petition states.

Ellen Aguiar said her son as struggling, he was under tremendous pressures that would not cease.

'And those of us who were very concerned reached out to parties essentially begging them to mitigate him from some of the pressures and allow him to take a break, she said, according to CNN.