Gurhan Orhan has been an icon of gold jewelry design for many years now, and his celebrity appeal is well noted with devotees such as Gwen Stefani, Megan Fox and Sheryl Crow. Along with an extensive roster of celebrity clientele, Gurhan is featured regularly in magazines like Harper's Bazaar, Modern Bride, Redbook and more. However, it's not just celebrities who appreciate Gurhan's gorgeous designs.

While in general, Gurhan eschews following trends in favor of creating them, our recent economic crisis has put the squeeze on just about everyone, and Gurhan's recently released silver jewelry collection is a response which offers celebrities and laymen alike an option for very affordable luxury. With prices starting at around $100, the collection offers big design fashion for very little cash outlay. Furthermore, the designs are classic Gurhan with a hand crafted look and feel that is both elegant and fashionable.

One celebrity who has been spotted taking advantage of this new collection is Sandra Bullock. The November 09 issue of InStyle magazine shows a round-up of celebrity cuff bracelet trends, and Sandra is included on the list showing off her bold 24k gold and darkened silver cuff bracelet. The cuff is also complemented by a gorgeous pair of gold and darkened silver dangle earrings. Both pieces display Gurhan's typical hand hammered finish and the bracelet is accented with round diamonds.

Gurhan Silver Cuff Bracelet
Gurhan and Gold Dangle Earrings