width=313Gurhan is a perrenial favorite in high fashion circles and the brand seems to be featured in publications on a weekly basis. From Modern Bride to Elite Traveler, Gurhan is frequently chosen as a highlight of modern jewelry design, and for good reason. Gurhan Orhan is the premiere designer of 24k gold and it seems to be his mission to bring the beauty of this extraordinary material to each and every woman.

In the December 2009 issue of Elle magazine, their PR Director, Erin Kaplan, assembles a collage of her favorite fashion items and included in her selected group is an exquisite set of Gurhan stacking rings. Crafted in hand hammered 24k gold, these rings are radiant and lovely. Another exciting aspect of these rings is your ability to choose to wear a full set, a few, or even just a single ring depending upon your mood.

In her feature, Erin comments that this bold set of Gurhan stacking rings is a statement in itself and they are featured in a dramatic close-up shot as part of her workbook collage. There's nothing more alluring than the warm glow of pure 24k gold, and Gurhan's design style enhances and complements the metal's natural beauty to perfection. Potentially the most exciting thing about these stacking rings is that you can nab a set of 3 for only $840 - a perfect holiday gift idea!

Gurhan Gold Stacking Rings
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