Gwen Stefani has spilled a track list from her upcoming album through an Instagram post Tuesday. The “No Doubt” singer’s fans have been waiting eagerly for her new album since she released her hit single “Used to Love You.”

In a cryptic post, Stefani shared a photo of 12 track names handwritten on a personal notebook with red hearts drawn around it. Blake Shelton’s girlfriend captioned the photo: “This is What the Truth Feels Like...”


This Is What the Truth Feels Like...

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Soon after Stefani posted the titles, several media outlets started speculating whether any of the songs in the list will for Shelton or her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.

According to E!News, several comments Gwen made earlier to tease her latest album hinted that the songs may be about her split with Rossdale and her new romance with Miranda Lambert’s ex-husband.

"I went to the studio and started writing. Well I wrote my first song and it was like a little rosebud just blossoming, and I was like, 'Wow! It's happening I can do this!' I know that every time I go into the studio I'm going to write a song and it's the most incredible feeling," Stefani told iHeartRadio's Elvis Duran and the Z100 Show after her divorce from Rossdale, according to E!News. "Once I had ["Used to Love You"], all the other songs kind of made sense. It's just weird—it's a weird journey."

Meanwhile, the track list also came amid rumors that Stefani may be engaged to Shelton.

Earlier this week, Hollywood Life posted photos of Stefani showing off a diamond ring during an outing with her three children.

Stefani and Shelton publicly addressed their dating in November last year, but rumors about their romance had made the rounds as the two got close to each other during “The Voice” Season 9. Since their relationship was confirmed, “The Voice” coaches have been surrounded with several engagement and marriage rumors.