Amid reports of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton getting hitched soon, In Touch Weekly magazine reported Wednesday that the two are arguing over where they should settle down once they get married.

“Where they are going to live has become an issue,” a source close to Stefani told In Touch Weekly.

According to the report, Shelton is not willing to live in Los Angeles permanently and Stefani “feels she could never ditch California and live in Oklahoma as a full-time resident” as she prefers to stay on the West Coast.

“Her parents live there. The boys are in school there and all their friends are there,” the source told the magazine, adding that she wants her children to be close to their father Gavin Rossdale.

“She doesn’t want to take the boys away from their dad. Gwen’s told Blake she’d be OK moving out of Beverly Hills and into a nearby place like Hidden Hills, which is known as horse country because of its sprawling ranches,” the source told In Touch Weekly.

“But Blake argues that it would still be California,” the insider reportedly said, adding, “At heart, Blake is a very simple guy who loves to hunt and spend time on his ranch.”

Recently OK! magazine reported that Shelton and his ex-wife Miranda Lambert spent some private moments after running into each other at ACM Honors last month. However, their meeting left Stefani angry, according to the report.

“He thought she’d be happy they’d gotten the chance to call some things water under the bridge,” a source told OK! magazine. “Instead, though, it sent her into a panic,” and a furious Stefani “promptly sent a text to Miranda telling her to ‘stay away from Blake,'” and “soon there was a flurry of angry messages going back and forth between the two women.”

But, Gossip Cop dismissed the magazine’s report calling it bogus.

Meanwhile, several reports have claimed recently that Stefani and Shelton are planning to walk down the aisle on Christmas and the songstress’ children will be an important part of the wedding. The two, however, have not commented on the reports.