Alternative energy company GWS Technologies, Inc. recently announced that it is anticipated to begin distribution of the Solaranda™ Solar Shade Structure, a project that contributes to their ongoing development of solar and wind-powered renewable energy products and solutions.

The Solaranda™, a shade structure that integrates solar photovoltaic panels into roof structures, provides both shade and electricity for homes and businesses. Already, the systems have been pre-engineered to meet countrywide building code requirements. The Solaranda™ kits include steel interior beams and posts with an aluminum covering that provides a lifetime warranty and No-Maintenance structure for the solar panels.

Michael Coskun, Vice President of GWS Technologies, stated, “The Solaranda is innovative, creative, and just the solution to give the solar industry a boost. The Solaranda appeals to a large consumer base and gives virtually everyone the opportunity to save money and lower their electric bills.”

Nichole Koontz, President of EnergyPro, Inc., added, “EnergyPro is very excited about partnering with GWS to distribute our Solaranda(TM) kits. It is a great option for installers nationwide to offer a new and unique product to their clients and that qualifies for all rebates and tax credits.”