GWS Technologies Inc. is an alternative energy company developing solutions for various commercial, industrial and governmental end-users. The solutions involve both solar and wind-powered renewable energy products. By harnessing these energy sources, GWS is helping consumers and businesses generate their own clean power and reduce carbon emissions.

The company announced today that it has begun vetting German technology partners for the development of alternative energy installations and facilities in Mexico and Central America. GWS believes there is an opportunity to introduce more efficient technologies such as CSP (concentrated solar power) from Germany to the Mexican and Central American markets. German firms are on the cutting edge of this emerging technology and have begun investing in this growing market.

Mexico has tremendous concentrated solar power potential, as solar radiation levels in most parts of the country are among the highest in the world. This is ready market in Mexico for electricity generated from solar power. The Mexican population is growing, energy demand is rising and electricity prices are relatively high. To date, Mexico has almost no concentrated solar power production.

However, there was a law passed in November 2008 that is evidence that this condition may be about to change. The legislation, known as LAERFTE, calls for a national framework to finance and regulate the renewable energy market and consolidate a series of existing fiscal, financial and contractual incentives for renewable technologies. The new legislation should also lead to greater clarity regarding site permitting regulations and grid interconnection standards for solar projects.

The Mexican government is optimistic, citing a ‘green’ fund set up as part of the renewables legislation which could raise up to $100 million. About 20 percent of those funds would be allocated to industrial scale renewable projects, including CSP projects. GWS Technologies is also optimistic about the opportunities in Mexico and therefore its search for a German partner.