Gwyneth Paltrow inadvertently saved a woman's life on 9/11  by making her late for work at the World Trade Center, according to the woman's testimony.

Lara Lundstrom Clark's life was spared on her commute to work on Sept. 11, 2011 thanks to an right of way altercation crossing the street with Paltrow.

Although we have never met and you probably don't remember our encounter that morning, I need to thank you for inadvertently saving my life that day, said Clark. I want to thank you for changing my fate on that terrible day.

Clark retold her story for the first time in a letter to Paltrow published by The Morton Report.

As Clark was in a hurry to cross her street in the West Village of New York City to reach the subway, so she jaywalked as Paltrow was barreling towards Clark in her Mercedes SUV, since she lived on the same street.

The SUV stopped as suddenly as did I to avoid a collision. Then the car started, then I did, then the car stopped then I did. It was a classic game of start, stop, start, stop. Then I realized it was you, Clark said in a letter written to Paltrow published by The Morton Report.

Clark reportedly missed her train that morning thanks to Paltrow, comparing her experience to Paltrow's role in a movie Sliding Doors, and was late for work that fateful morning. As she reached the World Trade Center at 8:47 a.m., where she worked in the second building, the first building had already been struck.

I'm not sure where I would have been had I made the first train, she wrote.

As the 10 year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks is around the corner, Clark wanted to share her story to Paltrow, whom she credits for saving her life.

I have spent years healing, but this is one part of my own story that I need to bring full circle, she wrote.

Please know that this is not an excuse to meet you, but rather a way to thank you for changing my life.

Paltrow's publicist Stephen Huvane confirmed Clark's story to The Morton Report, saying Paltrow was deeply moved.