'2011 Gyeongju World Culture Expo', Korean Culture Festival in Gyeongju will be held for 60 days from coming August 12 to October 10 at Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park and all over Gyeongju citiy area.

With the goal of 1.5 million visitors, the organizing committee is looking forward to attract domestic and foreign tourists by holding the Expo in conjunction with '2011 Daegu World Althletic Championships'.

With 'D-100' to go, the organizing committee of Gyeongju World Culture Expo launched an 'Advance Ticket Sales Opening Event'. Over 10,000 advance tickets were sold domestically in a single day.

Your can purchase the advance ticket and get 20% discount off  the standard rate and enjoy more than 20 attractions of Korean Culture Festival of national treasure class, including performances, exhibitions, 3D movies, Gyeongju Tower and multimedia shows. For purchses of more than 20 advance tickets, you can get 15% additional discount.

The advance tickets can be purchased from hanatour.com, ticketlink.co.kr or cultureexpo.co.kr.

The advance ticket holders are eligible for discount to other attractions in Gyeongju, Korea, including Gyongju World (20~50%), California Beach (40%), Gyeongju Teddy Bear Museum (20%) and Hanwha Resort (40%).

The theme for the 6th Korean Festival 2011 is 'The Story of Millennium - Love, Light and Nature', based upon a story of Hwa Rang Do that symbolizes spirit and courtesy of Silla Dynasty. Directed by Choi Cheol-Gi, the famous director of 'NANTA' and 'JUMP', the performance is expected to be the highlight of the whole events presenting simple, clear humor and inspiration with acting, dancing, martial arts, music, art, visual image and lights in perfect harmony.

With 40 countries participating from around the world, the Korean Festival, Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2011 will present 20 contents and 100 events in 4 categories including official event, performance, filming and exhibition.

As the official events include the the special events with a number of subsidicary events, including the Gyeoungju Street festival and associated events.

The special events include the opening ceremony, Hangawi Full Moon Feast, the Gyeongju culture introduction day and a variety of other events such as the theme performance, the world dance festival, the B-Boy festival, the street performance, the children festival theater and the Korean college students dance festival will be presented.  

Planned as a subsidiary event are World Buddhist Culture Grand Festival, World Customs Square, Shilla Dressing Experience, Building Wish Pond Pagoda, Building Ghost Bridge and Chrismas Card Sending.

Gyeongju Street Festival will include special night performances, street performances, street art festival, photo exhibit, traditional culture experiences and National Hwarang Taekwon Dance Contest.

Subsidiary events include International Academic Conference of Shillanlogy, World Circus and Special Exhibition of Kim Saeng, the Scholastic Guru of East Sea.

Since 1998, Gyeongju Expo was held 5 times with 46 thousand cultural artists from 249 countries participating with 8.34 million visitors.

In 2006, the expo held a successful joint 'Angkor-Gyongju World Culture Expo' in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

With 10 years of hosting international expos, the Expo Park, Gyeongju, Korea, has become the most comprehensive culture theme park. Now, ppen 365 days a year, over three hundred thousand visitors visits the Expo Park annually.

Kwan Yong Kim, Chairman of the organizing committee of Gyeongju Expo said we are preparing a historical event in every aspect, including contents, volume, and facilities, and we will provide a luxury Korean Culture Festival of national treasure class to present the Culture of GyeongBuk and Korea to the world.