The Gyeongju World Culture Expo to be held from August 12 through October 10 this year with participation from 30 countries presenting 100 contents from 4 sections including performance, filming and exhibition. Acclaimed as a rare opportunity of communication and convergence to meet cultural originality of Silla dynasty and diversity of world cultures at a time, the Gyeongju World Culture Expo attempts the 6th cultural integration in the city of Gyeongju that treasures deep-rooted heritage of Silla Dynasty, the story of millennium.

Under the theme of 'The Story of Millennium - Love, Light and Nature', the Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2011 will be held for 60 days from August 12 through October 10 at Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park and all over Gyeongju city. 

The upcoming event is filled with official events, performances, visual images and exhibitions presenting 20 contents and some 100 events along with a number of subsidiary events, including the Gyeongju downtown festival and associated events. 

The official events include the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, the Gyeongju culture introduction day and a variety of other events such as the theme performance, the world dance festival, the B-Boy festival, the street performance, the children festival theater and the Korean college students dance festival will be presented.  

As the first non-verbal martial arts total theatre, the theme performance - 'The Story of Millennium - Love and Light' is based upon a story of Hwa Rang Do that symbolizes spirit and courtesy of Silla Dynasty. Directed by Choi Cheol-Gi, the famous director of 'NANTA' and 'JUMP', the performance is expected to be the highlight of the whole events presenting simple, clear humor and inspiration with acting, dancing, martial arts, music, art, visual image and lights in perfect harmony. 

With participation from 20 countries, the world dance festival is a very unique cultural event that unites the global village and shows the true beauty of world cultures to the audience. In addition, the traditional food tasting of all participating nations and the traditional costumes fashion show are being planned as a subsidiary event. 

The theme visual image (3D movie 'Byeokrucheon'), Gyeongju Tower Multimedia Show, and the world music festival will be presented in the visual image section while the exhibition section is featured with the theme exhibition (Millennium Kingdom, Silla), the Kids Character Zone, the World Traditional Puppet Exhibition, planned exhibition, the world traditional culture hall and the world fossil museum. 
A high-definition three-dimensional adventure and fantasy movie, 'Byeokrucheon' (The bracelet of blue tears), featured with actual images starring the Korea's top actors and VFX, computer graphic special effects, is expected to be the key contents in the Gyeongju Expo this year, as well as the 5th greatest 3D animation film of Korea at the Gyeongju Expo after 'Into the breath of Seorabeol (2000)', The dream of Pegasus (2003)', 'The greatest emperor (2006)' and 'Mud Warrior Cha Cha (2007)'.  

The World Traditional Puppet Exhibition is designed to present puppets in distinctive traditional costumes of different countries by continent and nation. In particular, this exhibition provides education and entertainment to visitors and make them experience world cultures by those puppets. In the meanwhile, organized by the representative artists and art and culture groups, the planned exhibition will provide a rare chance to visitors to enjoy diverse ranging genres of arts such as painting, calligraphy, sculpture, pottery, photograph and installation art. 

Planned as a subsidiary event of the world dance festival, the world traditional culture hall presents traditional cultures such as clothes, food and houses of 20 countries, promoting cultures of one another. 
The Silla Costume Experience is designed to allow visitors to wear about 200 costumes of the queen, princesses, aristocrats and Hwa Rang that were actually worn by actors and actresses in the drama 'Queen Seondeok' and watch the event hall to offer a special memories and lift the mood. On top of this, the world culture plaza, Silla Costume Experience, Making Sowonji Tower, Making Dokkaebi bridge and Sending Christmas card will take place as subsidiary events. A variety of performances, experience and festivals are planned for the Gyeongju downtown festival while the international symposium of the study of Silla, the promotion hall of the drama, 'ATHENA' and the travel of millennium are also prepared as associated events. 

The 6th Gyeonggju World Culture Expo is jointly hosted by Gyeongsangbuk-do and Gyeongju city and organized by the organizing committee of the Gyeongju World Culture Expo.