width=202   /News & Trends: Since the 1980's, H. Stern has forged partnerships with some of the luxury design world's biggest and most influential names, quickly bringing the brand to the forefront of success in the exclusive jewelry industry. Their unparalleled ability to combine cutting-edge techniques with a keen eye for contemporary design has made H. Stern a favorite of collectors, critics and celebrities all over the world.

On the heels of their world-famous jewelry line inspired by the iconic Diane von Furstenberg comes the newest H. Stern collaboration focusing on passion and subtlety, edgy aesthetics and a constant, underlying theme of teamwork. This September, H. Stern released their latest collection/collaboration with famed Brazilian Dance troupe, Grupo Corpo.

As two Brazilian brands, recognized internationally for their deeply ingrained philosophies of top-to-bottom focus on creativity and dedication to quality, their similarities run as deep as their roots. It is this common ground of both origins and principals that lead to the partnership. 

Each of the avant-garde designs in the new collection represents countless hours spent by the jewelry design team researching every aspect of the dance team's unique physical and multi-sensory performances. Everything from choreography to the sound and stage design of the shows was taken into consideration, allowing H. Stern the ability to create an all-inclusive, luxury interpretation of the art form.

Full of contrasting textures and sinuous lines representing the human body in motion, the collection seamlessly integrates H. Stern's experience in crafting exclusive jewelry with the contemporary edge of Grupo Corpo's modern dance pieces. 

Rich 18K yellow and Noble Gold are the dominant hues of the collection, highlighted by subtle, monochromatic tones of diamonds and colored gemstones. Each of the pieces express fluidity of movement in design as well as dance, and accentuate the natural beauty of the wearer through neutral tones and textures.

width=598H. Stern left nothing out when taking inspiration for the collection: ten ballets that were constructed and performed over 30 years were studied, allowing the brand to bring Grupo Corpo's large body of work into the collection. 

The collection conquers quite a feat, having effectively brought the elements of contemporary dance into tangible form. The designs fit together cohesively, like parts of a puzzle to represent the experience of witnessing Grupo Corpo firsthand. 

With the warm tones of 18K yellow and Noble Gold along with the neutral gemstones in the designs, the pieces are gearing up to be perfect accessories for fall. Released in September of this year, they are available exclusively in H. Stern's New York and Miami boutiques, with price points ranging from $500 to $120,000.