Hague Corp. is a development stage company focused on the production of Quantum Dots and Thin Film Quantum Dot PV Solar Cells. The company's aim is to significantly reduce the cost of solar energy by replacing silicon wafer-based solar cells with low-cost, highly efficient Quantum Dot-based solar cells.

In fall of last year, the Company merged with Solterra Renewable Technologies, Inc., a start-up solar technology and quantum dot manufacturing firm. The company has an exclusive worldwide license agreement with William Marsh Rice University to develop, manufacture, and market Rice's inventions in the solar technologies world. Solterra has developed a low cost quantum dot processing technology and intends to design and manufacture solar cells using a proprietary thin film semiconductor technology that will enable them to substantially reduce the cost of solar energy.

Quantum Dots are believed to be the most efficient way to produce better, cheaper solar energy panels. Because quantum dots are characterized by particles fabricated to the smallest of dimensions from only a few atoms, they behave according to the rules of quantum physics, rather than classical physics which describes the behavior of larger objects consisting of many atoms. Quantum Dot based solar cells are much more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity than conventional, more expensive silicon-based solar cells.

Hague Corporation plans to manufacture and sell Quantum Dots (QD) to major Industries like electronic and medical applications. According to Electronics.ca Publications, the global market for QDs, which in 2008 is estimated to generate $28.6 million in revenue, is projected to reach over $700 million within the next 5 years and will record a CAGR of 90.7%.