Haitian officials rejected a Mexican ship carrying mostly needed food aids due to swine flu fears. The news came Wednesday as Mexico ended a five-day shutdown designed to contain the virus.

The Mexican navy ship was to arrive May 2 in Port-au-Prince with 77 tons of rice, fertilizer and emergency food aids and told to come on another occasion, the Mexican Ambassador Zadalinda Gonzalezy Reynero said Wednesday.

Haitian officials made no immediate comment on this matter.

On another incident Wednesday, dozens of Mexican nationals who were quarantined at hospitals and hotels in China despite showing no symptoms of swine flu arrived at home on a government-charted plane.

Of the 71 Mexicans held at hospitals and hotels in China, the diplomats said none of them had swine flu symptoms. The Mexican government criticized the quarantine as unfair and discriminatory.

China has defended its measures to block the swine flu virus from entering the world's most populous nation.

Meanwhile, Mexican health officials said that the confirmed swine flu death toll increased from 31 to 42. That includes three new deaths in the past two days. Officials also confirmed 1,070 other cases of infection.