Lydia Chako, 39, was half-naked when she tried to throw three month old baby boy into Florida's Clearwater Harbor. Chako claimed that her baby was covered in snakes and lizards.

Before the mom brought the child to the water, her property manager found her in distress. According to the property manager, at approximately 1:45 p.m. Chako's apartment unit was flooded. The Florida mom was found inside the unit throwing items. Chako reportedly told her manager that she thought lizards and snakes were on her three-month-old, and was throwing items to keep the demons out.

According to the Miami Herald, Chako then left her apartment and was carrying the baby by his feet. From her apartment, Chako went to the water at the end of her street.

The apartment manager called the police who found Lydia Chako half-naked with the baby dangling upside down. Before the mom was able to throw the baby boy into the water police were able to rescue him unharmed. No snakes or lizards were found.

Chako was brought to the hospital for evaluation, but the stunt shocked neighbors. The baby was her pride and joy, said neighbor Martisha Kelly to ABC. That's what I really don't understand.

The Daily Mail reports that police suspect that Chako flooded her apartment while in the process of trying to harm her baby. She went to the water to finish what she started.

On Tuesday Chako was arrested for child abuse.