As the political discussion continues over Chrysler's popular Halftime in America Super Bowl commercial starring Clint Eastwood, Saturday Night Live took the task of spoofing this latest uproar. Three times.

Bill Hader played Clint Eastwood, and his pants rose higher with each spoof. The first take served as the introduction to the spoof, wherein Hader mimics Eastwood's raspy voice as America enters the third quarter, and says the media dummies thought it was about politics.

He says he doesn't mind if President Barack Obama runs the ball this upcoming election or if it's handed to one of the Republican candidates. Then he pokes fun at each of the Republicans -- Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul -- though he saves Newt Gingrich's fading candidacy for the second spoof.

Some background on this, before you can watch all three videos below. Clint Eastwood and Chrysler partnered for the ad. It ran during the Super Bowl. Some Republicans, including Karl Rove, thought it had political undertones. This is because Obama will use the auto industry's recovery as a talking point in the presidential race.

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said it had zero political content. Clint Eastwood said he is certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama. Some of the creative team that produced the ad supported Obama in 2008. Chrysler has maintained there was no political content that inspired the ad.

Caught up? Good. Now you can watch the videos.