Halloween is just around the corner and while you might have candy and spooky costumes ready, what about your smartphone? Some of the most popular apps in the world have come out with specific features to help make Halloween more fun. 

Here are four apps you should check out this Halloween:

1. Facebook Live

Facebook recently debuted its masks filters for the Facebook Live app. The app has rolled out special filters for users which will allow them to try out different masks including "limited edition Halloween themed ones," when they are sharing a live video. The feature will be available for iOS users in the U.S., U.K. and New Zealand. The Halloween-themed masks include a pumpkin, witch, skull and evil queen, among others.

To use the feature, users need to select the live video icon at the top of their Facebook page, newsfeed or timeline and tap on the magic wand icon in the creative tools menu at the bottom of the screen.

In addition to masks, the company will also unveil special Hollywood-themed reactions in select countries.

2. Pokémon Go Halloween Update

Pokémon Go has announced new features in its Halloween update — the company has introduced ghosts and candy in the app, along with new Pokémon such as Haunter, Ghastly, Drowzee and Zubat.

Niantic, the app's parent company, has increased the spawn rate of ghost types. Now you also get double the candy for in-game actions, including catching transferring and hatching eggs. If you transfer to the professor, you will get two candy and if you catch a Pokémon, you will get six candy.

3. Snapchat Halloween features

Snapchat has teamed up with Bitmoji to help users celebrate Halloween. The app has unveiled costumes corresponding to Bitmoji avatars. You can use Bitmoji in your Snapchats.

To enable the feature, users will need to download Bitmoji and enable the app in their Snapchat settings. The app will also feature Halloween-themed geofilter templates. Once enabled, users will be able to select the time frame and area of the geofilter.

4. Track or Treat

Halloween can be a worrisome time for parents as their children go out trick-or-treating by themselves. Track and Treat will let parents know in real time the location of their children, by using email or a number to create a tracking link between two phones.