Kim Kardashian loves to celebrate Halloween and she conveys her enthusiasm for the ghoulish holiday through her exquisite costume choices.

“All Hallows Eve” is just a week after her birthday on Oct. 21, so it’s no wonder that Kardashian is typically in good spirits when the holiday comes around.

The reality star loves to pick costumes that hug her famous curves and are as sexy as possible.

No costume is out of Kardashian’s league: in the past she’s been different Disney princesses, comic book heroes and even cute animals.

Usual the celeb likes to pick powerful female story figures like the Queen of Hearts or Wonder Woman, which are usually favorites for most girls.

Even if Kardashian’s costumes are really intricate (and expensive) they can be replicated with some everyday items found at a thrift store or local craft shop.

Kadashian’s Halloween costume will probably be better than ever this year, but here are a few of her best choices for some inspiration.

(Most of the pictures used were from Kim Kardashian’s blog on CeleBuzz at

1.       Cat Woman

What You Need: black leather dress or jumpsuit, black masquerade mask (that just covers your eyes), cat ears

2.       Wonder Woman

"I decided to be Wonder Woman after all! I really think she is sexy and powerful and we should all feel like Wonder Woman every day!" Kardashian wrote on her blog at

What You Need: big, hair-sprayed hair, gold headband, red bathing suit, the American flag (somewhere) black tights, red shoes, dominating gold whip

3.       Flapper

You Will Need: a large feather glued to a black headband, multiple long strands of pearls, black fringe dress, tights, fake cigarette

4.       Princess Jasmine

"I decided to go as Princess Jasmine, since I’ve been wanting to go as her for years and found the perfect costume," Kardashian wrote on her CeleBuzz blog.

What You Need: turquoise headband, turquoise top (bra top or cropped), turquoise skirt, gold sandals, gold hoop earrings, and Aladdin is a bonus if you can find him.

5.       Little Red Riding Hood

"I finally decided to go to Heidi and Seal’s Halloween party as Little Red Riding Hood, and Jonathan went as the big bad wolf!!!" she wrote on her blog.

What You Need: a red cape, red dress, black tights, red shoes

6.       Queen of Hearts

"The first costume I tried was this Queen of Hearts costume! My mom bought the exact same costume!!! I swear we are twins! I was all dressed and ready to go and she sent me this pic of her in the exact same costume!!" she wrote on her CelebBuzz blog.

What You Need: a large cold crown, a dress with hearts on it (or you can glue hearts on yourself), red nail lipstick, red shoes

7.       Poison Ivy

What You Need: a green leotard (paste leaves on it), green fishnet stockings, red hair-sprayed wig, glitter eyes, green nails, nude pumps 

8. Cat 

What You Need: leopard jumpsuit (see through in the center), brown pumps, matching cat ears