Kim Kardashian West apparently really likes dressing up for Halloween, and her fans sure don't mind that she does. She's had some memorable costumes in the past, including a mermaid get-up with fins, pearls and a green fin that she wore alongside her husband, Kanye West. She's also been a super scary skeleton (complete with face paint and all!), editor-in-chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour (whether or not she also sported a flip phone as Wintour reportedly does is up in the air), and, of course, little Red Riding Hood.

There may be a good reason Kardashian is so enamored with the last day of October. Her birthday is just 10 days earlier, on Oct. 21. This year she turned 34, and her already famous daughter, North, is two years old. North dressed up as a skunk last year for the holiday, and was seen in photos running around the house on dark hardwood.

Kardashian has a knack for picking strong females to dress up as, as the International Business Times has noted in the past. She's been the Queen of Hearts before, and has not been afraid to look to Disney for inspiration when choosing what to wear out on All Hollow's Eve.

What little North dresses up as this year could draw just as much praise and interest as her mother's costume. North has already been getting some positive press for her holiday antics, most notably being photographed with a buddy while sitting on top of some pumpkins in a field. She was spending some valuable time with her "BFF" (best friend forever), according to Yahoo. During the hang out session at the pumpkin patch, North and her bud reportedly got face paintings.

What Kim Kardashian West will wear this year for Halloween is a secret, so you better stay close to your Instagram if you want to find out.