Halo Portfolio Advisors LLC provides their clients with an integrated approach for returning performance to distressed debt portfolios. The firm is a subsidiary of Halo Companies Inc. which operates primarily in the consumer financial services industry. Halo Portfolio Advisors announced today that it signed an agreement with a mortgage asset management fund to take advantage of the unique workout program that Halo provides.

The new agreement allows Halo to improve the portfolio performance of the hedge fund operating in the distressed mortgage industry. This will be achieved by applying Halo’s creative home retention strategies. Halo will attempt to work out the fund’s non-performing loans by utilizing their complete suite of consumer financial products, including loan modification, short sales services, refinancing, credit repair, and unsecured debt settlement.

The current economic environment finds lenders drowning in an overflow of distressed assets. Halo recognizes the cause behind a typical troubled asset is often not one, but several contributing factors. When a loan is underperforming, it may be due to other outside influences of financial stress, such as a high unsecured debt load held by the consumer. Halo Portfolio Advisors leverages the complete Halo suite of services to effectively manage these factors.

The president of Halo Portfolio Advisors, Scott McGuane, commented on the agreement, “We are excited about the opportunity this provides Halo to demonstrate our capabilities as a consumer financial solutions provider. Our client recognized the uniqueness and effectiveness of our approach.”