Adam Fisk is used to being the catcher, not the bait.

The 22-year-old Florida Atlantic University senior experienced a role reversal on Sunday when his fishing pole hooked onto a hammerhead shark that took him for a two-hour, 8-mile ride along the Florida panhandle. Fisk's YouTube video has more than 10,000 views, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

"I took a South Florida sleigh ride today and I ain't talkin' Santa Claus," he said on Facebook.

Fisk captured his adventure using a head-mounted camera. Battery life limitations only allowed him to film 6 minutes of his ride. His journey began at 6 a.m. when he put his kayak in the water off the coast of Delray Beach.

While Fisk enjoys extreme sports fishing -- which involves catching and releasing sharks in the dead of night and pouring bloody chum in the water to watch blacktip and lemon sharks thrash -- he had no “wild” intentions on Sunday. After several hours at sea, Fisk caught a 15-pound mackerel. Soon after, a second fishing pole onboard jerked his kayak forward.

“I’ve hooked sharks, but not that big and never on purpose,” Fisk told the Palm Beach Post. “It was about 11-foot and my kayak is about 12.”

The hammerhead dragged him away from Boynton Beach until it ultimately let him go at Lake Worth, a 15-minute drive on Interstate 95.

Fisk put his camera underwater a couple times to show the hammerhead pulling on the line. At times, the tension would slack, causing Fisk to worry.

“A few times when it turned and swam directly at the kayak i (sic) got a little nervous,” he said on Facebook.

After the shark was let loose, Fisk's adventure wasn’t over.

"Another hammerhead chased me for 10 minutes straight after I let the first one go," he said. "Looking back, a bit nerve-wracking."