Voice Assist Inc. is a leading developer of hosted speech services and voice “in-application” technology. The company’s cloud-based speech platform includes a fast and safe way to make calls, manage emails, send text messages and post to social networks by voice commands. Its platform eliminates the need to use a keyboard or keypad to interact.

The company today announced the commercial release of Voice Assist Standard, complete with two-way texting. It empowers consumers to text by voice from any phone or device to any phone or wireless-connected device, even mobile phones without a text plan. This plan is available at $4.95 a month. A Voice Assist Premium Plus plan is available for $14.95 a month.

This product enables individuals who are driving or have their hands busy to receive a text by voice and reply, remaining handsfree for maximum safety. Use of the service may cut down on traffic accidents. The National Safety Council estimates that at least 28 percent of all traffic crashes, or 1.6 million crashes each year, are caused by drivers using cell phones or texting.

Voice Assist’s plans should find a ready market. There are about 5 billion text messages sent each month in the United States, up from 2.8 billion just a year ago. This is especially so among younger Americans – after all, about 63 percent of Americans from ages 18 to 27 text message according to a Pew study. The study also said that 31 percent of cell phones users aged 28 to 39 use text, and 18 percent of those 40 to 49 do.

For further information about Voice Assist, please visit its website at www.voiceassist.com