If Hank the Cat thought running for U.S. Senate in Virginia would be easy, he was wrong.

The first attack ad (video below) against the feline doesn't come from former Virigina governors and rivals George Allen (R) and Tim Kaine (D), but from a group of dogs. A Super Pac called Canines for a Feline-Free Tomorrow released an attack ad on the furry Senate hopeful. And it is hilarious.

Hank has never released his birth certificate, his tax returns, and has never responded to allegations of catnip use, says the narrator. He says he's gone to the vet, but there is no record of him serving in any military branch. Would Hank force females to undergo an ultrasound before being spayed? And should a Maine Coon really be running for Senate in Virginia?

The ad makes fun of a number of controversial issues that have come up this election year, including birther allegations that President Barack Obama's birth certificate is fake and the invasive Virginia abortion bill that made its way through Congress. It was posted yesterday by a YouTube account called The Big Honkin', which identifies itself as a group of writers, directors, visual effects creators, editors, producers, actors, and film makers from Virginia. 

NBC Washington said it received an anonymous tip about Hank, warning he has enemies. Hank's campaign manager and owner, Matthew O'Leary, has since responded to the accusations in a statement.

Hank is refusing to respond to baseless attack ads. Hank states that this is exactly the type of advertising and wastefulness in Washington that he is running against, and absolute proof that he is scaring those in charge, O'Leary said. Hank will not respond to these allegations, and will continue on his positive campaign of job creation, spay/neuter programs, and ridding the Capitol of rats. 

O'Leary and his partner Anthony Roberts launched his campaign from their Springfield, Virginia home in October as a joke but it's turning into quite the political satire. O'Leary said he hopes to raise awareness of the vitrolic nature of politics and animal adoption as the much-watched Virginia senate race continues.