With the Season 3 premiere of “Hannibal” still months away, Executive Producer Bryan Fuller has been dishing out details about the new episodes to satisfy fans appetite for the NBC thriller. Whether at Comic-Con or at the Emmy Awards, Fuller, who is not afraid of a few spoilers, has been playing it fast and loose with the new season’s secrets. Recently, the producer opened up to TV Guide about Hannibal’s situation in the premiere.

Fuller has already revealed that at the end of Season 1 Hannibal took off to Florence to start a new life with Bedelia. However, the European rendezvous might not be going as well as he hoped. Fuller told TV Guide Hannibal, who has assumed a new identity with Bedelia as husband and wife while he stalks a new victim, will be discovered soon into the third season. Apparently, a local will be the one to stumble onto the truth (we doubt it will go well for them) and, unexpectedly, Bedelia might be the one responsible for the blown cover. Will it be a cutthroat dupe or an accidental error on Bedelia’s part? Hannibal would not take kindly to another betrayal.

Meanwhile, fans know already that the new season will be split into two parts, the first featuring Will pursuing Hannibal into Italy. Will the aforementioned blown cover be the opportunity Will needs to track down the serial killing cannibal? Fans will be excited to see the characters reunite and will welcome any excuse that brings Will and Hannibal together after the shocking Season 1 finale.

Is Will going to catch Hannibal and will Bedelia betray him? Fuller’s teasing is leaving fans with a lot of questions. However, fans still have a long wait before the will get any answers. “Hannibal” Season 3 is set to premiere in early 2015.

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