Fans of “Hannibal” on NBC will be excited to see their favorite cannibal killer (Mads Mikkelsen) back in action when Season 3 premieres on June 4. However, the network has been drumming up some hype for the woman behind the infamous serial murderer – Hannibal Lecter’s new wife, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson). A promo poster released Wednesday and a new teaser trailer highlight Bedelia and her unconventional relationship with Dr. Lecter.

Fans already know that when Season 3 begins, Lecter will be in Italy living under a false identity with Bedelia. The new promo poster for the upcoming episodes features his wife giving a sultry look to the camera in a lavish Italian ballroom. The ominous caption for the poster reveals the exact nature of the couple's new life – "You may now worship the bride.”

See the tweet containing the official poster below:

The poster comes on the heels of a new trailer, released online Tuesday, which solely focuses on the bizarre new marriage between Bedelia and Lecter. As one could imagine, living with a sociopath is not easy and the relationship does not appear to be all peaches and cream. In one scene Bedelia is shown pointing a loaded gun at her new husband as Lecter cryptically warns her that she could be his next victim. However, Bedelia does seem to be pretty complicit in Lecter’s unique tastes, helping him host a dinner party for an unsuspecting, unlucky guest and dancing with her new man at an elegant ball.

Watch the new season 3 trailer below:

How long will Lecter and Bedelia’s marriage last on the show? Will Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) find Lecter and spoil their new life? Or will the “happy” couple turn on each other first? Fans will have to wait to find out. “Hannibal” returns to NBC with the Season 3 premiere on June 4.

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