A 67-year-old man is facing federal sex abuse charges after he allegedly rubbed the legs and thighs of a 15-year-old girl on a flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City earlier this week.

Hans Loudermilk, 67, allegedly told the girl “that he could teach her things sexually that boys her age could not,” according to a criminal complaint filed in Utah federal court. He also said “that she should drive with him and that in the state of Utah he could marry her at her current age.”

As he continued to talk with the girl on the Delta Airlines flight, Loudermilk allegedly moved closer to her and started touching her chin before rubbing her leg and upper thigh, according to the criminal complaint. The victim “got extremely nervous and wanted this to end,” the complaint said.

After the plane landed Monday in Salt Lake City, the girl, only identified as “KD,” found a TSA agent and told him about the alleged sexual assault. Loudermilk saw the girl talking to the agent and then entered a gift shop at the airport near a screening checkpoint. At the shop, he took off his shirt and replaced it with a black jacket “as to possibly avoid detection by law enforcement,” the complaint said.

Loudermilk was charged with crimes in special aircraft jurisdiction and two counts of sexual abuse. The California man was held without bail during an appearance in Salt Lake City federal court, according to the Smoking Gun. A preliminary hearing in the case was scheduled for April 10.

Shortly before the flight, Loudermilk checked in on Facebook at the Delta Sky Club at LAX and reference his trip in a Facebook post.

“It's Planes, Trains and Automobiles folks,” he wrote. “In a lifetime of traveling I don't think I've ever covered as much ground of such diversity and using as many modes of transport as what I'm attempting today. Provided I make it to the church on time, of course. I'll keep you posted.”

Read the complaint against Loudermilk below:


  Hans Loudermilk Complaint