It may have taken longer than expected, but “Super Meat Boy” is finally coming to PlayStation platforms sometime this year, though no official release date has been given from developer Team Meat. The game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as a downloadable title on the PlayStation Network (PSN), so fans that were initially disappointed can now rejoice.

The announcement was made on the Team Meat blog, where the developers explained their side of the story and also talked about the process of making the game, which the duo have called the “best platformer ever.” When the game was originally launched, it was supposed to come out for the PlayStation 3 but didn't for “complicated reasons.” It seems though that times have changed, as the game is now coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

“Super Meat Boy” has been praised for its NES-era difficulty and its old-school platformer gameplay, mixed with old-school platformer difficulty. IGN praised the game for those same reasons back in 2010 when it was originally released for the PC.

Though it wasn’t immediately released for the PlayStation platforms, “Super Meat Boy” did find life as an Xbox 360 game prior to the news. According to Gamespot, Xbox head Phil Spencer stated that he would love to see “Super Meat Boy” come to the Xbox One as well, though no further news of that statement has been released.

Prior to this, “Super Meat Boy” gained a lot of momentum, when its development was the lead story for the 2010 documentary, “Indie Game: The Movie.” Fans were able to witness the struggle and eventual success of the game, thanks to that particular documentary.

PlayStation Plus users will be lucky, as Team Meat has announced that the game will be free for PS Plus users when the game is launched, as a big thank you to the fans that wanted and pushed for the game to come to Sony platforms. Currently, the release date of “Super Meat Boy” hasn’t been formally announced yet, as Team meat merely stated that the game would be coming this year.

Super Meat Boy PS4/Vita Announce (Credit: YouTube/AmorphousGames)