Harold Camping, the doomsday preacher who made headlines with his hyped up and failed May 21 doomsday prediction, will stop airing his radio program Open Forum at the end of this month.

89-year-old Camping, who is suffering from a mild stroke which affected his ability to speak, founded Family Radio through which he preached the now infamous doomsday message.

Every weeknight, Harold answered live questions through the 90-minute Open Forum program but the radio company has been airing re-runs ever since the stroke. Along with supporters, some angry listeners and ex-followers had used the Open Forum segment to publicly chide Camping for his shameless teachings.

Next month, we will have other programming that is scheduled to run in that time slot, according to Family Radio's program department secretary Judi Rathbone.

After Camping's stroke on June 9, he was hospitalized and later moved into a nursing facility to undergo rehab.

In an announcement by Family Radio, Mr. and Mrs. Camping greatly appreciate all the cards, letters and flowers they have received, as well as your continuing thoughts and prayers. God has been very merciful.