The public has been inundated with Harold Camping's doomsday hype in recent media leading up to, on the day of, and even after May 21. While many skeptics have ridiculed the theory from the beginning, even faithful yet gullible followers were forced to face the truth on this day.

Bloggers have written their take on numerous websites, while Twitter and Youtube buzzed of Harold Camping parodies.

One Youtube video, uploaded by fretstrummr, sings a song called May 22 Song (For Harold Camping, with apologies to Norah Jones). Among the lyrics: Maybe I'm a pyschopath? Or just an error in my bible math?... Don't know why, why it didn't come. His video can be seen here.

Even America's psychologist Dr. Phil had something to say when he tweeted on that very Saturday keep reading the world is ending today but i would think Maggie would start barking if the world was exploding.


Harold Camping Made a Mess of the Situation