Harold Camping suffered a stroke last Thursday night, reported The Oakland Tribune. 

Camping, an 89-year-old who lives in California, famously predicted that the world would end on May 21st, 2011.

Camping is currently hospitalized for his stroke, according to the paper.   A neighbor of his – who is responsible for revealing this information – said the stroke was on his right side of the body and that his speech “appears to be a little bit slurred.”

The neighbor said she and her husband helped and comforted Camping's wife when the stroke occurred on Thursday night, reported the Oakland Tribune.

Charles Menut, an employee at Camping’s Family Radio program, posted the following message on the Internet on Saturday:

Please just pray for him and do not try to contact anyone at his home or Family Radio.  He and Shirley have enough family members to handle the situation. I'm sure we'll be able to publicly update everyone on Monday.

Regardless of what the stroke does to Camping, his career of predicting end times appears to be done.  When his prediction failed on May 21st, Camping set the new date of destruction on October 21st. 

Camping said after May 21st, salvation was finished and there will only be judgment on October 21st.  Therefore, there was no need to warn anyone anymore.  Camping recalled all his ads, vans, and banners.  He still runs the Family Radio program for the edification of the believers who are already saved, he said.