Harold Camping’s ‘Doomsday’ prediction may have been a minor amusement or annoyance to the general public, but real lives have been destroyed.

According to multiple reports, many of his followers have given up everything to spread his ‘Doomsday’ message.

They have quit their jobs, left their homes, and even budgeted their money to last only until May 21st, 2011.  They have spent all of their waking hours holding up ‘Doomsday’ posters on the street and poured out all their money to fund ‘Doomsday’ ad campaigns.

Now that it failed to materialize, many of them are absolutely dejected.  

IBTimes reporters in Oakland, CA tracked down two of them at a parking lot near the Family Radio headquarters.  When approached, one of them said he just wanted “to be left alone” and refused to say anything else.

Calvary Bible Church, a small church near the Family Radio headquarters, tried to reach out to Camping’s devastated followers.

“We are here to counter the message of Harold Camping.  We are here to reach out to people who might have bought the lie, who might have hurt themselves financially,” Pastor Jacob Denys of Calvary Bible Church told IBTimes.

“We hope we will be able to invite people to our church.  We’re going to have a special service that will embrace them.  We’re not here to condemn anyone.  We’re just here to talk to [them], to let [them] know that false teaching has always been in the church,” he said.

On the subject of the rapture, Denys echoed the mainstream view in Christianity and the words of the New Testament, which urge believers to vigilantly wait for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Below is a video of the outreach efforts of Calvary Bible Church and a photo of two of Camping’s dejected followers.

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