"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," the eighth book in the famous series about the Wizarding World, comes out Sunday. It may technically be a script, but all Potterheads care about is that its release is a cause for celebration. Fans everywhere will head to bookstores Saturday night for parties, many of them featuring high-stakes costume contests.

You can do better than drawing an eyeliner scar on your forehead. Step up your costume game with one of these Potter-themed ideas:

Hermione Granger. Crimp your hair by braiding it, letting it dry and teasing it or use a straightener to make crazy waves (instructions here). Wear a white button-down shirt with a maroon tie, throw on a dark gray sweater and pair it with a black skirt. Don't forget your boss attitude!

Hedwig. Cut out and attach fabric feathers all over a shirt per these instructions, then paint your face accordingly (think heavily ringed eyes with exaggerated brows and a beak drawn down the nose). Make sure you're dressed in mostly white — Hedwig is a snowy owl, after all.

Bellatrix Lestrange. This one is fun — tease your hair high and wild, and then add baby powder to certain sections to create gray stripes. Do an out-of-control smoky eye and throw on a long, black dress (the older and more tattered, the better). Spend the night staggering around and cackling.

Sirius Black. Part your hair to the side, wear an oversized coat and create a cardboard sign to hang around your neck. Cut out a piece of cardboard and paint with the words "Azkaban Prison" and various wizarding symbols, like this. Extra points if you wear a black and white striped jumpsuit (or pajamas).

The Golden Snitch. Pick up some angel wings from the party store, wear an all-gold outfit and run around fast all night. If you want to kick it up a notch, stuff your shirt with a pillow to give the round appearance of the Quidditch ball.

Voldemort. Wear all black and toss on a too-big black robe or cape. Then apply your makeup — you'll want to put on a bald cap and sponge your face with white paint so you look as pale as possible. You can also use red eyeshadow under your eyes to give yourself that haunted look Ralph Fiennes pulled off so well in the Potter movies.